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Clara supported us in recently purchasing a home in Malibu, CA. Not living in CA, Clara was paramount to us getting this deal done. Every time we called with a request, Clara was already on it! She was always one step ahead. Her professionalism, work ethic, and integrity were apparent in all of our dealings with her. I highly recommend Clara!

Krista Dillard

Clara Yang has been my go-to real estate broker for twenty years. We have successfully completed six transactions throughout the years – four purchases and two sales. She successfully facilitated the purchase of my Brentwood home, and the purchase and sale of my Beverly Hills condo, the purchase of my Westdale home, and later the simultaneous sale of my Westdale home and purchase of my Mar Vista home. Clara is now in the process of selling my Brentwood home during the Corona virus. I feel amazingly comfortable that she is protecting me and my home by screening potential buyers and respecting the social distancing and mask wearing protocols during this scary Corona virus time – everything that everyone should do to get through this together…

Ana Zins

Clara is a peerless realtor! Within a few hours of firing the local Redfin agent who failed to send us the required Covid19 forms less than 12 hours before our first scheduled home tour (despite online contact the week before and prodding from us via phone & Redfin platform multiple times!), Clara had 2 home tours lined up for us with all required documents filled and signed. She quickly whittled down our potential list of 10 homes down to a manageable list of 4 for the 2 days we had available for home-hunting. She was an excellent listener and carefully ascertained what our family was looking for in a new home. Her local knowledge and network combined with careful vetting of our requirements enabled us to find our future home and submit an offer the next day. She guided us through a competitive situation, taking into account our preferences and financial status. Although we had the unfortunate experience of working with a suboptimal team (lender, escrow, & travel notary) which resulted in a whopping 52 days to close escrow, Clara unfailingly followed up with cheery encouragement, especially when the sellers were antsy about the multiple unexpected delays we did not cause, yet were stuck with! She is the best partner for optimizing the search for your next home.


We’ve worked with Clara on a few different properties over the last several years and have had great experiences throughout. She always brings an incredibly positive and supportive attitude to go along with her experience and expertise. Always very responsive and willing to find information and answers when needed. Great partner to work with!

Andrew W

If you’re looking for a place in the LA area, definitely give Clara a call. She is the most laid-back professional to deal with, and she goes to bat for you. Her personality is perfect during such a stressful time, and not only is she very responsive, but she is also very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

Ashley C

I bought my first property in LA through Clara. She is extremely knowledgeable about the local market having worked there for over 20 years. I live out of town and have been looking for the right place for years. Even when certain listings look attractive at a first glance, she would give me cautions on less obvious concerns like structural or litigation issues, flight path and noise level, neighborhood, marketability, etc etc. She is honest, tactful in negotiation, yet and not pushy. I value her opinions to the point I finally bought my condo after only one visit. The closing transaction went very smoothly. And then she also helped me find my first tenant within a month. All very painless. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Jessica K.

We have just closed an a condo in Santa Monica and this has been such an easy experience. After viewing and making an offer on the condo we left Santa Monica and the rest of the process was conducted remotely from a different time zone. Clara has been not only extremely knowledgeable, but extremely helpful and very in tune to what our needs and expectations were. I found her to be honest, always willing to help and she definitely went over and above what we expected our realtor to do. I can only say I would highly recommend Clara to anyone looking for a realtor.

Vicki T.

I have known Clara Yang since 1998. Clara is a consummate professional. I have been a direct beneficiary of her top-notch knowledge and experience to purchase my first home and most recently my condo for above the listed price. Clara conducts business with honesty, an ethical approach with the highest level of integrity. She combines the pursuit to ensure that her clients achieve the highest financial return whilst making sure that the client feels comfortable with the process and achieve the home of their dreams through persistence, expertise and conscientiousness. Clara seeks creative ways to ensure her client’s success and a seamless transaction every time.

Jennifer K.

I just closed on a house this past Friday with Clara as my realtor. I couldn’t imagine being able to get our house without Clara. These days, when it’s the seller’s market you’re dealing with multiple aggressive offers and if it wasn’t for Clara maneuvering around to make our offer seem attractive, there would’ve been no chance for us. She really came through and went above and beyond we expected. She kept in close contact with the seller’s agent and was able to gauge where they stood. She comes with years of experience and also six sense of intuition. Additionally, she always made me and my husband feel so special and like we were her only client no matter how big or small the deal is. She attended every walks and meetings and walked us through the entire process seamlessly! I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family and will be calling her again for our next purchase!

Janet K.

Moving to a new city is a very unsettling and disorienting experience. Clara stood by us and supported us throughout the process with her unique combination of grace, intuition, and business savvy. She took the time to engage with us deeply from our first interaction, getting a clear sense of our vision and expectations for our new home. She guided us through some indecisive moments and celebrated with us when we reached milestones along the way. We relied on her extensive knowledge and experience as she researched our home purchase from the perspective of an investment. She helped us navigate the sometimes difficult waters of the escrow process. Yet all the while, she kept in mind that our home is much more than an investment. She understood that our children will grow up here and our family will thrive here, and she worked diligently to assure that we made a choice that was both financially astute and the right fit for our own unique needs as a family. Because of her, we found a house that is truly a home to us.


Clara helped us in searching for home in the Santa Monica/Westside areas. It was not easy to find the right home with low inventories at that time. But she managed to get us the home that we love! Perfect area, great location, at a fair price, and most importantly it really fit our family. Clara is a caring person that is insightful, knowledgeable about the areas, helpful, and efficient. She worked well with both me and my husband. We will definitely use Clara for our future real estate encounters, and highly recommend her to any of our friends.


I’ve worked with Clara to both buy and sell my property in Pacific Palisades. She is a professional that knows how to make the deal happen, whether you are buying or selling. She is a problem solver, an excellent negotiator, and makes sure all the details are taken care of. She is also very easy to work with. I highly recommend Clara!!

Soo Young

I had the pleasure of meeting Clara this year (2015) when my boss’s decided to sell their condo. As their personal assistant, I was put directly in contact with Clara to discuss moving forward with the listing. After a brief discussion on the phone, Clara came out to meet with me at the condo.. so we could discuss our first plan of action.
First thing she did was set up a photo shoot with this top notch photographer who came and shot the most incredible photos of the unit. Not only did she offer up some amazing ideas to make the condo more desirable and appeal to the masses, but she also showed up to physically help get everything ready for the actual day of the shoot-complete with flower bouquet’s in hand: )
It was very exciting working along side such professional and creative people. Photo shoot day was a blast!! Getting the place ready for photographing, the viewings/showings..etc. basically, the whole process ran very smoothly and was an all around wonderful and pleasant experience. We set out to sell a condo.. and with Clara’s determination, creativity and professionalism.. we did just that.!!
After two previous unsuccessful attempts to sell the condo with a couple of other very reputable Realtor’s we had listed with prier.. not only did Clara find the right buyer and sell the condo, but she did so within the time frame she estimated it would take and at the price she said it would sell for.
Clara, if you read these posts/reviews.. I think we were very lucky to find you. I think the buyer/new owner will really love their new home there, it is a great space, set in a great location.
Again, I would like to personally thank you for allowing me to be a part of the whole experience, I really loved it: ) Next time anyone I know is ready to sell their house or condo.. or purchase a property, I’m sending them directly to you!!! You are truly a 5 Star Act and a 1st Rate Realtor.. You delivered on all your promises and we are extremely grateful. We could never have done it without you: )
Thank-you for EVERYTHING!!


We interviewed several real estate agents and picked Clara because we found her to be straight forward, honest, and clever. She advised us to stage the unit for sale. Although the staging cost was high, she convinced us to spend the money. To our surprise, she brought us 3 offers within a few days of the listing. She advised us to pick the best offer and saw to it that the escrow went smoothly and closed on time. We would recommend her to all our friends and family in the future.

Clara is a superb realtor. She is highly intelligent, honest, relaxed, resourceful and really knows her stuff. She gave me great advice on preparing my home for sale and it sold in 3 weeks above asking price. She was supportive and a delight to work with. I never felt pressured and always felt she had my back. I was spared the details I did not need to know and always felt like everything was being handled professionally. I highly recommend her to everyone. She is a great realtor and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Clara!!

Phyllis S.

Clara Yang acted as my real estate agent when I sold my unit, #310, 901 10th Street, Santa Monica, in the Fall of 2009. As my agent, Clara acted tirelessly on my behalf to promote the sale of my unit. She is thoroughly knowledgeable of the building, the Santa Monica area, and the entire region. She is an agent of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. It was a pleasure working with her in securing the sale of my unit and I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of a real estate agent.

Jill Frost

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Clara Yang as a realtor and agent for anyone planning to buy or sell a home. My experience with Clara began over a 5 years. At the time, My friend Catherine and I purchased an apartment at 901 10th street (unit 310)in Santa Monica which was listed by Ms. Yang. Making such a good impression we decided for her to represent us as buyers as well. So, when we recently listed the same unit for sale this year, without hesitation I contacted Ms. Yang for the listing. The process was absolutely brilliant, with her professionalism, skills and knowledge of this building was able to stage, and sell our unit in 3 or 4 weeks and she definitely got us very top dollar in a very short time! Absolutely love working with Ms Yang and know will be using her services in the future! Should you have any queries or need more information don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rafael Anaya

我在美国购房是出于投资目的,选择比佛利市是因为这里对将来可能的地产泡沫有最大的抵抗力, 另外一个超过我预料的原因就是这里的租金回报明显高于北美大部分地区。我的美国律师介绍Clara 给我,我们合作得非常愉快,超过我的预想:1)她对房子价值的判断比较准确:她了解这里不同的区域之间固有的价格差距。我对洛杉矶人生地不熟,不同地段的房子的区域价值完全不了解,对将来出售时的前景也没有把握,这必须要有了解本地市场的人来指引。我以前合作的华裔中介对大好莱坞区的价值把握就稍微差一些。2)她不会帮助卖方维护价格而是帮助买方找到对方底线,我在北美其他地方购房时遇到这种情况,自己的中介会尽力解释对方要价多么合理,而不是试图找到最好的交易,最迫切的卖家。3)她会从投资的角度考虑房产是否值得购入。这里很多买家是用来自住,和投资购房的角度不太一样,更多地考虑是否适合自己的口味,居住是否合适,而投资需要考虑可能的回报,以及将来售出时的变现能力。我在购房前对方有租房的合同,但是在购买决定前合同撤销了,这让我几乎改变决定,但是Clara帮我评估将来的出租前景,果然在买入后不到二十天就签订了回报不错的长期租约,这让我很满意。4)Clara工作很细致,很多我考虑不到的细节她都会替我考虑。美国的House比较复杂,泳池,花园,保安系统,音响系统,车库,上下水,保险等等,有很多细节,不妨碍大局但是直接影响居住品质,我购买房子过程一直是在中国,交易结束后来过来,发现她帮我做的事情,比如房屋检查的登记,家具接收和维护等等比我自己做的还细致。在房子出租前我在自己房子里住了几天,真正是拎包入住,这在我以前买房子是没有过的。我很满意和Clara 的合作。


Clara: I am writing to thank you and compliment you for your recent assistance with respect to our Chinese client. Your knowledge of the Los Angeles real estate market, attention to detail and willingness to go beyond the traditional duties of a residential real estate broker is exceptional. I know our client has been very appreciative of your outstanding service and the ability to communicate fluently with all parties. You have routinely gone the extra mile. Thank you again, Bob.

Robert J. Stemler

I can’t recommend Clara enough. Clara is the reason why we live in our dream home today. After years of watching the market go up and waiting for it to settle, we were ready to buy. Clara came highly recommended to us by a good friend of ours. Clara showed us many houses and always provided us with the upside and downside of each home so we could make an informed decision. She is someone who knows the market well, is really smart and listened to our needs and wants in a home. She helped us through a difficult loan process with a tight time constraint, postponed her vacation and worked through the holidays to get us our dream home by the end of the year. It was an amazing way to celebrate the New Year all thanks to Clara! When it was time for us to think about investing in a rental unit, we called Clara. Once again, Clara went above and beyond to help us find a rental property on the Westside. She provided us with a wealth of knowledge about the rental market and was patient in answering all our questions. Clara is professional, organized and thorough, always looking out for our best interest. She has been a huge value to us as first time home buyers and rental property owners. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for real estate, I would never use anyone else!

Susan and James Lee

Usually estate agents are busy before the deal, and easy afterwards. It was not for Clara, she took care things after the deal was sealed. Thank you Clara

Rosemary and John

Clara sold our house and found us the perfect condominium! Clara always returned our calls promptly. We appreciate everything she has done for us. We will recommend her “100%” to all our friends.

Gladys and Morton Kern

Clara did a great job selling our condominium and then found us the perfect home for our family. She worked hard and was efficient and an excellent negotiator. We will be happy to refer her to all of our families and friends.

Kami Emien

Clara handled both the sale of our condo and the simultaneous purchase of our new house flawlessly. She was professional and accessible. Clara ran the sales and marketing process for our condo just as we had outlined together. The result – we sold our condo within one week of its listing for over our asking price. Without question, we will rely on Clara’s expertise for our next real estate transaction.

Michael and Amy Grenier

Clara was so kind and handled all the ‘problems’, including negotiating with the buyer’s agent, offering advice on escrow issues and [overseeing] all details of the transaction. I appreciate the professionalism that she demonstrated, and cherish the friendship that we have built.

Joseph Chen

Clara sold our property just thirteen months after we bought it, for around an 11% gain in value. Clara is extremely dedicated to her work and to life. Her business was always conducted in an honorable and admirable fashion. But more than anything else, I am proud to call her a friend. Two thumbs up to the best real estate agent in L.A., if not the world!

Kimberly West

My experience with Clara Yang is amazing, she sold my Brentwood Condo at top dollar and sold me a condo at Santa Monica at 901th street unit 210 an then sold that unit at a good price. I would recommend her as your agent because she is honest and dedicated and very good at the what she does. She also sells me a condo just recently; in fact the escrow will close this Friday May 10. The unit is located at 1048 3rd street #103, Santa Monica. You cannot go wrong with Clara as your agent.

Sil Pelico

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